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Can Chiropractic help with Sinus Problems?

Cold and flu season, pollen blooming, rapidly changing temperatures, all of these can drive our sinuses haywire. These clogged nasal passages can lead to sinus pressure, sinus pain, sinus headaches, and even if it goes too far, sinus infections. Sometimes it feels like there is no solution but to wait it out or take decongestants. People can even have chronic sinus issues that do not ever clear up.

What is happening in our Sinuses?

Sinuses are the hollow spaces inside of your skull that help balance pressure and drain mucus from your nose. There are multiple sinuses, but the ones we think about when we talk about sinus pressure are the one behind your forehead called the frontal sinus, and the ones behind your cheekbones called the maxillary sinuses. These sinuses make a thin mucus through our mucus membranes that drains out of the channels at the back of the nose to help keep the nose free and clean of bacteria. They also serve to warm and humidify the air you breathe to keep your lungs healthy.

When fighting off a cold, allergies, or other causes of sinus pressure such as exposure to cigarette smoke, the tissue lining of the sinus cavities become inflamed and block the normal drainage of the mucus, increasing the pressure, clogging the passage, and sometimes even causing swelling in the face. This inflammation and build up is what contributes to chronic sinus problems. When this inflammation does not reduce over time but is constantly present, this can become chronic sinusitis. The immune system will attempt to help fight off a sinus infection, but the thick mucus will impede sinus drainage and continue to build up increased pressure and can even contribute to other side effects like a sore throat or a cough.

How do we treat sinus issues?

While many people will turn to nasal sprays, allergy medication, or common cold medicine, these interventions usually only address the mucus level itself, instead of dealing with the root cause of the inflammation.

Can Chiropractic Care help?

Yes it can! Chiropractic care helps work on relieving pressure on the spinal cord which in turn helps the nervous system communicate and control the immune system better. This relief of pressure will help your body better regulate its immune response which can in turn help with sinus infections. On a physical level as well, chiropractic adjustments of the neck or even of the facial bones themselves can help restore balanced pressure and proper drainage in the head and frontal sinuses providing relief of pain.

Call today and see how Chiropractic care can help you get through the cold and flu season successfully!

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